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A Team of Proven Professionals


We provide corporate finance and advisory services that cut across sectors and geographies, servicing emerging markets in Egypt, the MENA region, Europe and the Americas. Our approach is global in outlook, guided by international benchmarks and standards, but also sensitive to the unique contextual nuances of the markets in which we operate.


We offer clients a wide array of financial services, ranging from investment banking to project development. Our team of industry experts work along side our clients to see them seize golden opportunities. We guide our clients towards effective strategic and organizational decisions and assist them sustain their competitive advantage over the long haul.


We bring investment opportunities to local investors looking to expand in their own markets, and connect interested foreign investors with cross-border acquisitions and expansion opportunities across emerging markets in the Middle East. 


Planet Investment Banking is a firm founded and led by veterans of the banking and finance industry with proven global track records. Our team brings to the table decades of in-depth experience in all major areas of the financial services industry, and deep networks of relationships spanning the Middle East and other global financial hubs. 


Each member of our team has led initiatives to create to our clients and partners


For complete bios of our founders and management team, please click here.


At Planet Investment Banking we look for assets that could benefit from our range of expertise and ability to provide hands-on guidance. Our broad based consulting services help clients transform their business and add value to their organizations. Our investment vetting process is rigorous: No asset is approached for purchase until we are satisfied that the opportunity is solid, and our ability to create value and grow the asset is ensured.


We see companies through the most critical moments of their evolution and pool our efforts towards helping them achieve their specific objectives by providing a range of strategic and operational solutions. Our focus is primarily on the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean basin, as this is both the heart of our experience, and also home to a disproportionately high number of undervalued equities.


We help bring local and regional offerings to international markets and prepare local brands to compete on the global level. We steer them through a constantly changing global business environment and economic challenges. More importantly, we bring investment opportunities to local brands by assisting in creating clear business plans as well as securing the required funding for their implementation. We also advise on the restructuring of family-owned businesses looking to institutionalise their organisation through the means of establishing strong corporate governance.


Foreign investors looking to do business in the regions which we operate will benefit from our team's local insight and connections. We help investors set up or acquire businesses by providing unparalleled support and advisory services guaranteed to see the process move forward in the quickest and most efficient way possible, making sure to minimize any potential risk.






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