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A Comprehensive Service Offering


Planet IB serves mid- and large-sized companies spanning a full range of industries across the MENA region. Our dedicated financial services teams provide exemplary advisory services to clients seeking support on mergers and acquisitions, equity private placements, corporate finance and financial restructuring. Deep industry knowledge combined with a solid data-driven approach helps us to furnish the best tailored solutions to our clients.


We help clients grow/expand, fund, transform, and develop their business. 

We provide both sell & buy side services seeking to execute

We help clients grow their enterprise by providing them with the latest M&A insights and services, thus guiding them through the most important strategic decisions and transactions. Clients will benefit from our long-ranging experience with M&A related projects across a wide range of industries.


We work closely with our clients guiding them through the entire M&A lifestyle, from initial planning to closing, making sure not to disrupt the company's ongoing business and operations. Our approach is integrated and holistic, covering all elements of acquisition strategy, due diligence and merger integration.


We carry out careful and thorough valuation analyses in order to provide clients with the expert advisory services needed to support the growth and overall success of any business. We source potential buyers through a meticulous vetting process, in addition to evaluating the market conditions, expected valuations and other issues pertaining to the execution of the transaction.


We provide transaction support for buy-side and sell-side deals, managing evaluation and execution through services such as valuation, due diligence support and supervision, business planning and scenario modeling. To guarantee efficiency of process, we work side by side by with our client’s team of attorneys, accountants and other professionals that are involved in the final stages of the transaction.


Our due diligence process is well orchestrated and we provide implementation-focused due diligence on companies highlighting and quantifying opportunities, costs, execution priorities, issues, and red flags. Due diligence allows us to identify the company's strengths and weaknesses and devise an appropriate tailored solution


On the sell-side, we advise investors and privately equity funds on divestments and seek out opportune investors for their companies through a range of services including the preparation of sale, valuation, and identification of potential buyers.


Mergers & Acquisition

  • Identification and selection of potential buyers/acquisition targets

  • Evaluation, fit analysis, and valuation negotiations

  • Structured strategic transactions

  • Complex Deal structuring 

Mergers & Aquisitions

Mergers & Aquisitions

We offer clients recommendations of funding and various restructuring options to help them make the best decision to achieve their business objectives. We identify and evaluate potential deals to uncover the highest-value opportunities for our clients, based on a through and in-depth analysis of their particular financial circumstances.


Our approach to the restructuring process includes overviewing our client's core businesses and liquidation values, preparing a detailed analysis that projects realizable cash flows and long-term growth, carrying out a tailored analysis of the company's financial issues, and identifying objectives of creditors and investors.


We help enterprises find and capture value by devising customized creative capital solutions unique to their business model.


Equity Funding

  • Structured strategic transactions

  • Identification and selection of potential buyers / acquisition targets

  • Evaluation, fit analysis, and valuation negotiations

  • Deal structuring

  • Full spectrum of industry expertise spanning banking/finance to entertainment, real estate to light and heavy industry

  • Solid network of active local and regional investors including private equity funds, family offices, high net worth individuals, development banks and strategic investors

  • Access to capital markets

  • Capital structure optimization.


Debt Raising

  • Raising commercial debt

  • Advisory on debt structuring Syndication of debt

  • Project finance

  • Securitization 


At Planet IB, we help our clients harness better business models to overcome shortcomings of the past and prepare for current and future challenges. To protect and enhance enterprise value, our dedicated team oversees any financial or operational turnaround needed to resolve the problems of our seasoned high-growth and start-up companies passing through times of financial volatility


Banking on our deep industry knowledge and longstanding expertise, we help clients transform their enterprise and overcome any hurdles along the way. We diagnose the managerial, liquidity and profitability performance challenges and develop a strategic action plan for the way forward that maintains the viability of the enterprise.


We help our clients navigate shifting economic and political scenarios, that are often causes for financial instability.


Planet IB has extensive experience working with companies with a solid business core suffering through temporary liquidity challenges such as loan default or other crucial financial concerns. We guide distressed companies through their financial troubles and see them to the other side.


Our debt restructuring services are aimed at helping companies in need of capital restructuring by providing them with tailored value-added corporate solutions to their financial issues.


We execute both immediate and longterm financial solutions required to stabilize our client's enterprise and source out new capital.



  • Understand the business

  • Identify cause of problem

  • Work with an experienced team to find solutions to the problem

  • Prepare a detailed report with a clear strategy to start seeing positive growth 


Our team of specialized professionals work closely with our clients to see their ideas develop into full-blown operational projects, guiding them through the entire process- from design to completion. Our in-depth knowledge of multiple industry sectors allows us to develop, negotiate and draft innovative solutions tailored for our client's specific needs.


Project development is a multifaceted process that relies on strategic planning, organization, coordination and control of the resources needed to realize business goals. We see projects through the entire project development cycle, from initiation, to definition, design, development, implementation, all the way through to follow up.


We exert all our efforts to make sure our clients maintain their competitive advantage and to materialize profits from investments. This starts by evaluating the overall project development approach and outlining the timeline for implementation. We collaborate with other parties and stakeholders to make sure projects are realized with minimal stress for our clients, and in the minimal length of time.


We overlook the convergence of logistics, regulatory framework, and interlocking contractual structures.


Project Development

  • Initial Planning and Design

  • Securing permits

  • Procurement

  • Site option control

  • Financing

  • Documentation

  • Evaluating potential project development approaches.

  • Evaluating the requirements in terms of quality systems and procurement mechanisms

  • Evaluating the most appropriate project management strategy to ensure delivery of project 


We offer a complete suite of consultancy services to help investors make the best strategic decisions for their business, minimize the inherent risks, and maximize value creation and capture on the long run. Our management consulting arm addresses a range of our client's business needs, using comprehensive, institutional investment management strategies suitable for various investment climates and client goals. We provide clients with thorough, focused and expedient consultancy services that bank on both our financial expertise and deep industry knowledge. Our services include managing risk, ensuring compliance, resolving regulatory inquiries, and leveraging assets to protect and enhance business value.


Management Consulting

  • Understand the business and its issues

  • Prepare a business plan and growth model

  • Tackle issues hindering growth

  • Value protection and enhancement



  • Provide the client the option to hire us to implement our suggested strategy

  • Regular monitoring of progress and reporting back to the board of directors 


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